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Eating out with kids: LaMee

Okay, I’ll admit it, I’m super biased. LaMee scored extra points for me because of its proximity to where I live. But even if you don’t live in the Kiarong/Kiulap area, I think LaMee is a strong contender as one of the top restaurants to dine in with kids. Having grown up in Brunei and lived in Brunei for the last, almost, 2 years, I’d never actually eaten at LaMee before. One fateful day, my husband and I were going through the ever annoying weekly “where do you wanna eat?…..I don’t know, where do you want to eat?….I don’t really care but can’t think of a place” conversation. We then drove past LaMee. I remembered that my sister-in-law had mentioned that their lasagna was pretty good so we thought, why not?
I’m not sure if it was because we had no real expectations of the place but when we got there we were very pleasantly surprised. We were greeted by a relatively large play area for kids which had kids couches, a couple of slides, a rocking horse, books and loads of toys! Ellie immediately ran off to play with daddy (giving mummy some time to oogle the extensive menu). This restaurant was really made with kids in mind - they provide kids cutlery and their bathroom even has a small kids toilet seat attachment and step stool for your toilet trained kiddies.

Their menu is pretty darn huge and as a very indecisive person (and one that often feels major food envy) this is almost a negative, but… most of their dishes are pretty darn good! They also get bonus points for bringing over a kids plate and cutlery - though these ended up on the floor as usual. Our favorite dishes so far have been………..(wait for it)........... anything with the la mien of course! I think they are supposed to be homemade and though I can’t vouch for this, I can say that they are so so so good.
Their curry buttermilk la mien with prawns deserves a special mention - though calorie counters should look away when the dish arrives. For a slightly less sinful dish, their la mien in beef soup is pretty darn spectacular - and this is from a girl who usually hates plain soupy noodles. Their Tom Yum la mien is also fantastic if you love Tom Yum. As for Western food, the only dish I've tried is their lasagna and it is really good - I had actually heard about LaMee's lasagna before but brushed it off cause "how good could lasagna be at a place called LaMee??". Boy, was I wrong again. The lasagna is also huge!
For me, there are only a couple of negatives here. The staff, while nice, can be a tad inattentive which can get annoying. Also, only one huge table has a clear direct view of the play area so someone physically has to go and watch the kids if they are very young or very accident prone. The latter negative really shows my level of laziness. Thankfully I have a fantastic husband who will do all the baby watching when mama wants to chill at the table. Lastly, there is no kids menu which, given the sheer size of the regular menu, is quite surprising.

Overall, LaMee is a fantastic place to eat out with children (or without, but I would feel bad leaving the little one home when I know she loves playing here). Great food and a great kids play area - yes please!



Mel Poh
Mel Poh
Mel moved from Singapore to Brunei in 2016 to give birth and raise her now rambunctious toddler. The move from the world of business and law to being a stay-at-home mum ignited her passion for all things baby and child related. She founded Baby Brunei in the hopes of sharing this passion with other parents in Brunei.

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