Eating Out

Eating Out with Kids

My husband and I are huge foodies. Our pre-baby holidays were planned around the best eating spots in town. Our number one priority was the taste and quality of food - whether it be at a fine dining establishment or sitting on a stool on the side of the road eating from a food cart. Having a baby changed all that. Now it’s all about kid friendliness - does the establishment have high chairs? Can Ellie walk around the restaurant safely? Is there food she can eat?

Our new favorite type of restaurant - one with a play area for kids. A kids play area is a game changer when eating out. It gives the kids somewhere to be entertained (without gadgets) while ordering, waiting for your food or waiting for others in your group to finish their meal. Here is our list of restaurants in Brunei with kids play areas. This is not a complete list, so if you know of any other restaurants with kids play areas please contact us. Please note that we have excluded fast food restaurants like McDonald’s and Sugarbun that have play areas.
la mee play area copy

Lamee Restaurant

Where: Kiarong, BSB
Opening hours: 7am-9.30pm, 7 days a week
Overall: Great food with a wide range of Asian and Western dishes to choose from. Nice large play area.
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Rating: Very Good 4/5

Charcoal BBQ & Grill

Where: Batu Satu, BSB
Opening hours: 11am-10pm, 7 days a week
Review: Western food that is good value for money. The play area is small but sufficient. Be sure to ask for a table near the play area when making a reservation - there are only 2.
Rating: Good 3/5

Roti Culture

Where: Batu Bersurat, BSB
Opening hours: 7am-10pm, 7 days a week
Review: Good roti and local food with some interesting fusion dishes. Nice play area with a play kitchen and playhouse.
Rating: Very Good 4/5

Modesto Bistro and Grill

Where: Batu Bersurat, BSB
Review: Good western food but the service can be very slow. There are two large tables near the play area but we had some issues with a table mix up when we made an advanced reservation.
Rating: Okay 2/5


Where: Block A, Ground Floor, SPG. 217-5-54, Eng Ho Complex, Jalan Gadong Estate, BSB
Opening hours: Mon,Fri,Sat&Sun: 9am-10pm(Fri closed 12-2pm); Tue&Thu: 8am-10pm; Wed: 12noon-10pm;
Review: While not strictly a restaurant, the food is pretty decent at this indoor playground.
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Rating: Very Good 4/5

(CLOSED DOWN) Rice Bowl (Bandar branch only)

Where: Jalan Cator
Opening hours: Mon - Sun: 8AM - 7PM (NOTE/ on weekdays the playground is put away during the lunch hours)
Review: Fantastic Rice Bowl food (just like the Batu Bersurat branch). Love the play area but it's a shame it's only out after lunch during week days - understandable though as it is to make room for the weekday lunch crowd.
Rating: Very Good 4/5

Adventureland Bon Appetit

Where: No. Unit 2 & 3, Simpang 355, Bangunan PSI, Simpang 355, Kg Tungku BE2119 Bandar Seri Begawan
Opening hours: Mon-Sun: 9.30am-11pm
Review: Restaurant attached to an indoor playground. I found the food to be really good (try the grilled oxtail or iga penyet) though I have heard mixed reviews on the food. Bolognaise for the kids is pretty good as well.
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Rating: Very Good 4/5