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Jerudong Park Review

Like most kids who grew up in Brunei in the 90’s and early 2000’s, I have crazy fond memories of Jerudong Park (JP). JP was this HUGE park with amazing rides, from laser tag and baby rides to terrifying roller coasters and a huge mountain log ride. It was really, really sad to slowly see JP’s demise over the years and almost tragic when the bigger rides started getting sold off. When I went to university and met students from Malaysia or other countries near Brunei, they would often have heard of JP and begin asking me loads of questions about it. Going back to see the park in my early 20’s brought back such great memories but also sadness at seeing the state of the wonderous amusement park of my childhood.
Much to my surprise (and delight), JP was relaunched in 2014, with Phase 2 being launched in 2017. However, since I didn’t live in Brunei at the time, I didn’t go until recently. Despite my great memories, I had heard that it was a scaled down version of the JP of my childhood and I didn’t have very high expectations before my first visit. Boy, was I mistaken! Though, of course, things had changed and it wasn’t quite as grand as it was in its heyday, it really is an impressive place with lots of activities for kids and adults of all ages. There are even great new additions that we didn’t have in the old JP, such as a small water park, mini golf course and Eco-Adventure Kingdom.

First, let me say that, yes, there is now an entrance fee when there wasn’t back when I was a child. But I would gladly pay the fee in order for them to maintain and continue running the park as it is an amazing addition in Brunei for children and young people (and old people like me too!). I would actually say there are 2 options when you go to JP - you can choose to just pay $2 for entrance (free for children under 2 years old) so you can explore the park and play at the awesome outdoor playground, JP Town.
The second option is to buy the full amusement park ticket and get to ride on all the rides as well as the outdoor playground (though you probably won’t have time for both). The ticket price is very reasonable though and way, way cheaper than most amusement parks. So, for example, while Jerudong Park costs $15 per adult (Brunei resident) including the waterpark, Universal Studios Singapore costs $76 per adult ($72 for residents) - plus at USS you will be stuck in queues a lot of the time unless you purchase an additional express pass for about $50.
Now even if you go with the entrance only option, the outdoor playground, JP Town, is fantastic and my 15 month old really enjoys it. As at the time of writing, the area itself is very clean and well maintained. There are lots of structures and things to do for kids of all ages (and some adults). There are also benches for exhausted parents and the ground is made of special rubber to help soften the inevitable falls. Overall, this is a fantastic playground and I don’t mind paying the $2 entrance fee to play here. I just hope that this money is invested in maintaining the safety and cleanliness of the playground.

As for the rest of the amusement park, there is really something for everyone. One of the first things you see when you enter the park is a beautiful double decker carousel which is great for even the very youngest of babies. In the very young kids/baby category, you have lots of options, like the carousel, ferris wheel, pedal boats, train station (though I haven’t seen it in operation too much yet) and caterpillar ride.
For slightly older children you have a junior coaster, jumper, junior bumper cars, junior pirate ship, laser tag, laser maze, the spin zone (a kind of bumper car/hovercraft hybrid), shooting gallery, mini golf (fantastic for just adults too - my husband and I actually went on a “day date” to play mini golf here), skydiver, indoor playground (too difficult for young children) and, of course, the awesome Water Park. For older children and adults you have the adult bumper cars, 4-D Simulator (surprisingly awesome), Scary Drop, TeleKombat, Pirate Ship, Ice World Arctic Rapids, The Plunge Lagoon and, one of the coolest things in the park, the Eco-adventure Kingdom (featuring a zipline, glider, free falls, giant swing and rock climbing).
From my experience at the revamped Jerudong Park I only have two issues. The first is the toilet situation. I don’t expect completely revamped toilets, but it would be nice to have some toilet paper and hand soap in a park that has lots of children touching lots of surfaces. Though, with a little forethought, this can be solved by bringing your own. Secondly, the park rides close during prayer times for at least 30 minutes at a time (though the first time we went, they closed the rides for a full hour during the Asar prayers). So in the late afternoon/evening between 3.30pm and 8pm, when it is cool enough for the children to enjoy being outdoors but early enough to make it home for bedtime, there are at least one and a half hours where the rides are closed for prayers. I found this highly unusual as this is the only business I know of that does this in Brunei. Plus there is usually more than 1 staff member at each ride who could take turns going for prayers. Right now there aren’t very long queues for the rides, but imagine if you were in the middle of a queue during prayer time- would you have to just wait in line? Nevertheless that still gives you 3 hours out of the 4 and a half hour window to enjoy the park and it is a fantastic park.
A couple of tips before you go. Be sure to wear covered shoes if you want to enjoy the Eco-adventure Kingdom and the go-karts. Definitely try the 4D simulator (unless you have young children), you get to pick one ride with your park ticket but if you want to try all 3 then you will have to pay extra. If you like mini-golf, the golf course is quite good so make sure you leave enough time for that. And, of course, bring any essentials you need (like tissue paper, sun protection, water and snacks for the kids, etc).

Overall, I would say that if you haven’t already been then go! If you have been but need to get the kids out of the house then take them. If you’re looking for something fun and different to do with your significant other or friends then go as well. Jerudong Park need people to go and support them so they can continue to maintain and grow the park - I, for one, want it to be around as my child grows so that hopefully she will have the same memories I had growing up.

Playground Opening Hours
Monday - Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: 4pm - 11pm
Friday: 3pm - 11.30pm
Saturday & Sunday: 10am - 11.30pm
Waterpark Opening Hours
Monday - Wednesday: Closed
Thursday & Friday: 4-6pm; 8-10.30pm
Saturday & Sunday: 10am-12pm; 1-3pm; 4-6pm; 8-10.30pm

You can find out more on the Jerudong Park website, Instagram or Facebook page
Mel Poh
Mel Poh
Mel moved from Singapore to Brunei in 2016 to give birth and raise her now rambunctious toddler. The move from the world of business and law to being a stay-at-home mum ignited her passion for all things baby and child related. She founded Baby Brunei in the hopes of sharing this passion with other parents in Brunei.

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