Mummy Gets Pampered

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Mummy Gets Pampered

For mothers especially, we get so caught up taking care of others, from school runs to work to house errands and other commitments, that we quite simply forget to address our own needs. I strongly believe that in order to look after your family well, you need to be in the happiest and healthiest state. And by this I mean, MAKING the time to slot in a break amidst the grind!

Don’t roll your eyes at the thought of it, claiming you don’t “have the time” to go and give your body what it deserves occasionally, and that is to RELAX MAMA!

So anyway, after a rough few months, I felt my body could really do with a full body massage and a squeaky clean facial. I wanted to look for different places with a price range of varying affordability, and treatments from basic to luxury, within Bandar/Brunei Muara locations. I asked around friends and family whether they had any good recommendations, but to be honest I felt no one really had a favourite. I decided to scroll through Instagram and quite easily found new places to try. What caught my eye were Gandara Spa and Shushute Beauty. Their advertisements kept popping up on my feed, and I knew instantly these were the places to pay my first visit. I contacted both places and made my appointments, within days of each other. It turned out both places were beside each other, in the heart of Little Soho, Batu Bersurat.

Shushute Beauty

Shushute Beauty was having a promotion for first time customers called their TRIPLE R Special program (REPAIR, REPLENISH, RELAX), where you choose 3 different treatments from each category, all for the price of $98. The facialist will be able to customize the REPAIR and REPLENISH intensive treatments to suit your skin type, and with that you get to select a complimentary RELAX service. The total session lasts for 2 hours.

When I arrived, I was asked to fill in my details and discuss general concerns about my skin and what I wanted out of my facial. We chose the rebalancing and hydrating facial as our main focus, and to relax I opted for a refreshing eye treat.

My review of Shushute Beauty has to be centered around HOW GOOD I FELT ABOUT EVERYTHING! I was warmly welcomed by the friendly and helpful ladies who told me exactly what to do and where to go, from when I arrived till it was time to leave. The spa itself looked so bright and elegant, and made me feel so posh and comfortable. But the test was more on how the therapist would succeed in cleaning my face and getting that glow out.

And, wow did she do a good job at clearing out my pores, WITHOUT leaving any printed red marks! I highly recommend their effective techniques and gentle effort, at making any mum feel beautiful and good during and after. I was even given a lovely neck massage while waiting for the cooling masque to work its magic, instead of being left alone in the dark room as a few other places have done before.
When all was finished, I was offered a choice of water or green tea, and was asked whether I wanted to join their membership to continue the pampering monthly. Sadly, the membership rules did not go by me too well. I felt the price was too steep a budget for a membership that lasted only twelve months, as the $98 TRIPLE R special was set exclusively for first time customers. Nonetheless, I was still pleased to receive one of the best facials I had ever enjoyed, and the results lasted a nice while. I say every penny paid for that first time deal with such an ambience and experience was well worth my time and money.

Gandara Spa

Moving along onto my next adventure was Gandara Spa for my whole body massage. I got hold of their menu by phone to ask for their massage list and prices, so that I could choose beforehand which type my body could do with. I decided on their Aromatherapy Swedish massage, lasting for 1 hour, and costing an affordable standard price of $30.

Gandara Spa exuded a calmer, more sensual atmosphere. As I walked in, my appointment was confirmed with the receptionist, and I was told to sit in the lobby till my therapist was ready to bring me to an available room. Like any spa, the room I was given was dark but cool, with light soothing music playing in the background, and the usual towels provided to change into.

The following parts to come formed one of the best massages I felt I had received, for such a decent place and at such a friendly price. There was a warm, wooden tub of water placed on the floor for my feet to soak into, and boy did that feel good. The massage began with me face down, laying on my stomach, and to my surprise, a hot water bottle was placed on my back. THIS FELT LIKE THE BEST THING EVER! As the massage progressed,, the hot water bottle would be moved around. The masseuse gave the right pressure exactly as I had requested and always asked if the massage was going well.
At some point, and this rarely happens, I was in such a state of tranquility that I was able to take a short nap. The head and neck rub was also divine. Before the massage was over, the masseuse took a new towel and rubbed all the aromatherapy oil off my body so that I wouldn’t be a slippery shining mess walking out or in my shoes, yet another different feature from other massages I have had in the past. I must say I appreciated that little detail.

Once done, I went back to the lobby outside and was asked whether I wanted a glass of water or a cup of green tea. I sat down enjoying my drink while watching whatever their TV was showing. I paid for my massage, thanked my therapist, and asked the receptionist for a brochure of all their services, and told them I would be coming back for more massages in the future. Their spa packages were tempting and also budget worthy. I left very happy and grateful for everything.
For more information or to book an appointment,

Shushute Beauty
Address – Unit 3, Block A, Little Soho, Simpang 73-5-8, Jalan Batu Bersurat, Gadong, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei BE3719
Phone – 7285111
Visit instagram ( or Facebook
Operating Hours – Monday to Friday 10 am to 8pm; Saturday and Sunday 10am to 6pm

Gandara Spa
Address – Unit 8-10 First floor, Abraco Building, Batu Bersurat, Gadong, Brunei Darussalam (same row as Neo Metro Furniture showroom)
Phone – 2461177 / 8741177
Visit instagram (gandaraspa.brunei) or Facebook
Operating Hours - Monday to Sunday 9am – 9pm
Gaia is a Mass Communications graduate turned stay at home mum, who has a dream to write and a passion to create. Over the last few years, she has devoted herself to spending time with her son, treasuring each moment, and being present for every milestone of his life.

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