​​One of the main inspirations behind launching was my experience of getting my daughter vaccinated. After giving birth at RIPAS I intended for my child to receive the majority of her pediatric care with the hospital. Being the kiasu parent that I am, I did research on vaccinations around the time of her first vaccination and discovered that there were several other vaccinations that were recommended but not provided by RIPAS.

The below information has been compiled through my own research to inform parents in Brunei about what vaccinations are available in Brunei and where to get them. Please contact the respective institutions for more up-to-date information.

RIPAS Hospital

RIPAS provide a majority of the necessary vaccinations for free for all Bruneian citizens. The image on the left (reproduced from the Maternal & Child Health Handbook by the Ministry of Health Brunei Darussalam) shows you the types of vaccines; the number of doses; and the ages given. However, there are several recommended vaccines that are not provided, these include the PCV and Rotavirus vaccines. These vaccines are available at JPMC and may be available at private clinics (please contact the clinics directly for more information). If you wish to have your child immunised by both RIPAS and JPMC or a private clinic, it is best to contact JPMC or the private clinic before the vaccinations, as there is a specific timeline/spacing that needs to happen between vaccinations. You can find the schedule of vaccines recommended by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services and the Singapore Health Promotion Board online.

JPMC Hospital

The Jerudong Park Medical Centre offers various vaccination packages for your child, but specific vaccines can also be requested a-la-carte. Their immunisation brochure is available online and you can contact them directly with specific questions.

Private Clinics

Vaccinations are sometimes also available at private clinics. For more information, please contact the clinic directly.